12 Secrets About Eggs In The Dream That May Be Mysterious To You

Biblical Meaning Of Eggs In A Dream Dreaming about egg is one dream that is trending from members of this ministry that sent their messages to us this week.

It is good we teach ourselves this fact about eggs in the dream and its biblical meaning. Egg is a symbol of destiny, new beginning, good success, a shining glory. The mystery about the egg has put many including some pastors  into confusion. Human beings exist within the eggs through birth. Egg is a part of one’s foundation.

Egg is a powerful thing that determines the glory of someone in life. Enemies understand the concept of the egg. Because they don’t joke with it. Have you ever imagined a witch doctor asking his customer to bring eggs as parts of sacrifice to make the evil decree work fast? Because they know it is a yoke that can affect destinies. This is a very serious matter. Isaiah 10:14 – And my hand hath found as a nest the riches of the people: and as one gathereth eggs [that are] left, have I gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped. Dreaming about the egg indicates the brightness of your glory. It shows that God is there with you in your current battles. It is a good dream because egg was created by Almighty God to form the part of destiny of man in the world. Col 1:16 But it is a tragedy when you dream about a broken egg. It is a tragedy when you dream about a rotten egg. It is a tragedy when someone collected your egg (s) in the dream. It is rather disturbing when you cannot find your eggs in the dream. These are terrible dreams. This dream is a devastating one that it was meant to affect life, marriage, relationship, finances, goals, ministry. It programmes strange occurrences in someone’s life.

When a woman keep experiencing such dreams, it means battles against her marriage and womb. And when a man keeps having this bad dream, it portends bad luck, miscarriage, stagnation, sickness, problem in her marriage etc. Thank God for this revelation. When you dream where your egg is broken or rotten, it means loss of opportunity, glory and finances. This dream shows that the destiny has manipulated your glory. If you are currently having challenges in your marriage, it means that the devil does not want you to enjoy fruitfulness and joy. Some people are struggling to move forward. Some manage to escape the limitation but when they are about to gather their successes,, enemies attack them. The yoke of darkness has ruin destinies through this dream. When your egg is broken in the dream, it can rubbish your life as a man and disgrace you as a woman. When your egg is broken in the dream. It becomes so difficult to get a job, break away from financial debt. When your egg is broken or rotten in the dream, there will be a spiritual odour that will chase your helper from noticing you. When you egg is broken into pieces in the dream, it means there is an evil covenant from your foundation that is harrassing your destiny. When your egg is broken in the dream, problem of marriage becomes obvious. If you are packing eggs into a bowl, bucket etc in the dream, it means a sign of gathering your seed of fruitfulness and an indication for a big restoration. But if you are packing eggs and unfortunately one of them broke in the process, it shows that you will find it hard to become fertile in the marriage and difficult to rise above your peers in life. Perhaps, you are not happy with the way things are going in your life. You need to fight against demonic powers that has vowed to make you cry.

What you are going through can also be attributed to yokes from powers that make people fall from grace to grass. Powers that make me people remain in bondage of their father’s house and mother’s house. Powers in my roots disturbing my destiny scatter, in Jesus name.  

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