Primate Ayodele Releases Fresh Prophecies For Kenya, Mali, Chad, Other African Countries

New prophecies have been released by the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele. The prophecies are for some African presidents and countries like Kenya, Chad, Mali, Somalia, among a host of others.

Primate Ayodele warned the incumbent president of Kenya not to contest due to some issues God showed him about the country. In a statement forwarded to DAILY POST by his media office, the clergyman revealed that he foresees that the country will be in disarray, while naming two aspirants who God has ordained to become the next President of Kenya. According to Primate Ayodele: ‘’Kenya President should not attempt to go for another term, I see Kenya in disarray, disorderliness, the present president isn’t loved, He should be watchful and back down from contesting in the coming election, The next President of Kenya lies between Kalonzo Musyoka and Williams Ruto’‘’Also, Before the election, I see a governor being removed and let them pray against the death of a parliament’’. In Mali, Primate Ayodele warned against troubles from the rebels that will be targeted at destabilizing the government. He warned them to pray against evil occurrences.“The new Mali president will be working under serious pressure just for him not to extend his tenure, He will want to do better but let them pray against troubles, turmoil and attack. The president must watch his movement because rebels will want to destabilize his government. The junta of the military will need to call for the support of the international community,’’ he said. In Chad, Primate Ayodele warned President Kaka Idriss Deby to be watchful of his movements.

He revealed that the killers of his father are planning an attack against him and the government. He said: ‘’The Chad president must be careful, those who kill his father are still around planning to do another attack, I see a bomb scare in Chad. There is a plan of a new terrorists group coming up in Africa that must be worked on immediately. There will be changes in Chad presidency, I see a transformation.’’ In Central African Republic, the man of God stated that he foresees power tussle between the government and the opposition which will lead to trouble in the country. ‘’Central African Republic will call for a new election and the France government will get involved for peace. Opposition does not want the present government to continue, they will fight against this present government plans to rig the election, and this will cause killings, bloodbath in the country but the fight against rigging won’t be successful. I foresee a new government in CAR,’’ he stated. In Burkina Faso, he said: “There will be political tension, the president must be extremely careful, they will want to put him in a tight corner to take a wrong decision that will affect his political career in the future.” Speaking of Somalia, the clergyman said: “There will be a new election in Somalia, the present government party will not win, I see a new government in Somalia, I see ups and down in the country.” On the part of Ghana, he noted: “There will be trouble surrounding Nana Akufo Addo government, Let them pray not to lose a prominent king in Ghana. Also, Ghana need to be careful on borrowing funds, I see the country’s economy being affected.” The statement added: “Former President Zuma should be very watchful so that he will not be convicted.“The Uganda President will see a big protest, if Bobi Wine is not careful, it will be difficult for him to become the President of Uganda because the next election in Uganda is“In Ivory Coast, I see economy and political tension, Laurent Gbagbo will be released and will form a government within the present government.“Malawi Presidents should be careful of unexpected attacks.“Cameroun President will face a major challenge from the opposition“Africa still need to pray against a coup, death of a one-time president and a sitting president“There will be a major crisis in Gambia.“The president of sierra lone will have an uprising, to have continuity, he should strategize well.“In Burundi, the president will take a wrong step that will query his efforts, the economy will have troubles.“Opposition will fight Zambia government, protest and counter protest that will underscore his efforts will come up. He must be careful of a new policy that will make his government unpopular.”


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