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Meaning of Dream About Marriage Proposal


Meaning of Dream About Marriage Proposal

Dream About Marriage Proposal  (Deut 28:1-14; Heb 13:14; Mk 6:7; Gen 2:23-24; James 4:2; Prov 18:22; Gen 2:18; Matt 7:11; Deut 24:5; 1 Cor 7:1-16; Eph 5:22-23)

Marital Proposal: This has to do with the presence of spirit spouse to establish spiritual marriage with you. When you dream and see an unknown man, you are into serious marital problem. It becomes worst when different men are coming to seek for your hand in marriage. it also shows that you have enemies that want to confuse in choosing your real life partner.

It is telling you that the spirit husband/wife has made up plans to enter into covenant with you and fragment your marital life. Kindly watch Evangelist Joshua on Youtube Subscribe now If you allow this spirit to pollute your dream, the totality of your marital life will be polluted. The spirit spouse does not want you to get marry in the real life, thus hate you to marry physically.

A lot of people are having problems in their homes because they do not know the danger this spirit spouse can do in their homes. You have to cry out to God to release you from marital bondage. A Known Man; Dreaming about a known person (friend) coming to propose to you, it shows that you have received strange visitors in your dream.

When a known person comes to you in the dream, know that they want to deceive and mess up your marriage. They aren’t for real. Whether he is a nice or Godly person. So long he comes to you in the dream, it shows he is not the type of man you want and it has disqualified the goodness of this dream.

State Of Mind: Yes, your state of mind can greatly influence you to have this dream. And when your dream is based by the state of your mind, it shows the dream is meaningless and has no relevant impact on your marriage. Some ladies sleep with the thought of a man and whenever they are into deep sleep, they had the dream of that same man, I make bold to say it has no real impact, if it does, it may not last. It has no heavenly backing but your thought backing.

A Known Man: When a man failed to propose to you or whenever he wants to put ring in your hands something terrible would happen, it is obvious sign of marital bad luck. Married To Your Dream Man: No doubt, this is the sweet part of the dream. It becomes a good dream when God had already shown you in your revelation or vision (not imagination) that a particular person with a clear description of his or her background will come to you for marriage. Our mighty Father projected that person to you in the dream for another clear confirmation. He keeps sending you the confirmation before you accept it.

This dream means that you will soon marry to that person if not now, very soon. Parent/Pastor introduce a man to you in the dream: When a pastor introduced a man or woman to you in the dream, that is, your pastor appeared in your dream and tell you who to marry and the person he introduced you to is a known person, it is a dream of marital directives being supported by God. It is an indication that you are going to marry such a man who has a similar character with him.  Sometimes, it could be that he is your real destiny husband. If there is a positive sign or confirmation, kindly look for him and dont let him go. Sometimes he may or may not know about it.

NB: The difference between a Known person and your dream man coming to you for marriage is the confirmation of the word of God because God will not recommend some person whose minds are corrupted.

INSTRUCTION:Embark on a 7 day fasting and prayers between 6am-6pm (Nigerian Time). Call on the blood of Jesus on your marriage now.     PRAYER POINTS: O Lord, I shall not marry my enemy this year in Jesus name. Evil powers assigned to attack my marriage, die by fire, Evil arrows fired into my marriage, come out and back fire, Any witchcraft powers assigned to attack me on the day of my marriage, you are a liar: die by fire, Every agenda of the wicked to abort my wedding plans and marriage this year, die by fire, I command the fire of God to burn the spirit spouse to ashes, in Jesus name. Every evil mark of the spirit husband or wife in my life, be wiped off by the blood of Jesus.

Every invisible agreement between me and any spirit spouse, break by fire, in the name of Jesus. Every sexual organ of the spirit spouse shall receive the fire of God, in Jesus name. I will not make mistake in choosing my right partner,in the name of Jesus. Every spirit of lust assigned against my partner, die, in the name of Jesus. My fiance(ee) shall like me and love me with the love of Christ.  

NB: God is not an author of confusion. God cannot show you different men proposing to you in the dream or vision except you identify the person from the spirit or mind of God  



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